Samstag, 17. März 2012

We are still alive !!!!!

If you don`t know it yet,...

....then you can check out Mark Suciu ripping here:

Damn he has style for miles. This one is a real pearl in those dark seas of webclips. That he ripping "Pulaski Park" in DC makes it even more enjoyable. Mark got the right thing going, he probably thought about good ol`Mike Carrolls sentence: "It`s all about the fucking lines" and yes Suciu got his lines down. Proper mission and the last trick into "Love Park" fountain is a shear beauty!!! Mark Suciu- You go boy. Big time. Legendary east coast spots combined with solid skating in lines wins us over any time.

P.S: Due to the lack of time, we have been under the radar for the last two weeks, but don`t worry a new interview is in the works. The conversation with one of the original "BLIND" squad from the "Video Days" era just has to get transcriped. The full interview will drop sooner or later.