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Mike Vallely Interview from SLAP;-)

After our little natter with the Elephant man dropped yesterday, we found this great post in the SLAP Forum. Make sure to check it out.

Freitag, 5. April 2013

Mike Vallely Interview

Interviews via email are kind of lame, but this time we had no chance to get in touch face to interface.
In december last year we hit up Mike V. to ask, if he would answer some of our questions. We were excited to see what he would answer.
That he is a polarizing, stand up character is a non deniable fact. So here are our silly questions and his straight up answers (I hope he got over all the sponsor questions, hahaha).

 Mike Vallely Interview

Name: Mike Vallely

Age: 42

Years skating: 28

Years pro: 25

1st real set up: Sims Jeff Phillips, Gullwings, Sims 2 Tone Wheels

You are 25 years in proffessional skateboarding, can you still remember all the companies you rode for?

I try not to.

We always wondered why you quit World Industries after you basicly helped to build it. What was the reason to do so and why you went to New Deal?

I didn’t like Steve Rocco’s politics or master plan and I didn’t want to be party to it or used as a pawn. I just wanted to skate.

Your career on New Deal was kind of shortlived.

I had a few models with New Deal but the relationship just wasn’t right. 

What made you to try and open TV together with Ed Templeton in a time when skateboarding was about to hit rock bottom again?

We started TV for fun – as a creative release – an extension of our skating – for something to do. We didn’t think in terms of business. I never really have.

Yes, this is a 360 flip

The early 90`s must have been a really dark time when you were depending on boardsales to feed your family. How did you surrvive? Would you call it the worst time in your career?

I have great memories of the 90’s. I did what I had to do, just like everyone else. Those who skated then or stayed in skating in the 90’s were true blue.

Elephant Brand is after TV Skateboards, Transit Skateboards, Vallely Skateboards and By The Sword Skateboards your fifth own board company. What´s the difference to those other projects?

The difference should be obvious at this point. It’s not really up to me to point it out or try to convince anyone.

What about a Guest Board for Ed Templeton on Elephant Brand? You always seemed to get along very well when you`ve been on the euro contests together.

I’m not really interested in guest boards. Ed and I haven’t skated a contest together in probably a decade.

What do you think of the Skateboarding industry today? As a Skateboarder and owner of a Skateboard company. Good things, bad things?

I don’t really think about the industry. I just skate and do what I do.

We`ve just seen the “Bones Brigade Documentary” and noticed that you were in there for maybe 30 secs.
Do you think that Fred Durst has more to contribute to the OG Bones Brigade than you?
(We thought it was rather fucked up after your part in Public Domain blew everyone in 1988 and we don`t mean the graveyard run. We are still stoked on the fakie flip and halfcab flip)

Fred is the same age as me. We grew up with the Brigade. I think he spoke to the influence and inspiration of the times. I’m happy with my part in the movie and my contribution to it.

What would be your „Dream Team“in Skateboarding today and of all times?

I don’t think in such terms really. Some of my favorite skaters are Lance, Duane, Gonz and Blender.

When you look back, what was the happiest/ best time in your career?

I don’t look back. I’m living right now.

One year in Münster (1994 or 1995?), after you had a great run and the crowd went completly nuts, you took a spray can and wrote „Neil Blender“on the street floor. Why did you do that?

It was just something I needed to express at the moment… There’s more to skating than competition and Neil embodied that more than any other skater I could think of.

What was the most fucked up situation you have ever been in (Skateboarding related)

Anytime you’re taken away in an ambulance is pretty fucked up. I’ve been there a few times. Not a fun place.

The craziest thing you experienced on a Skate Tour? 

Not for public consumption.

Will you be on tour with your team this year? If yes will you hit Europe aswell?

Nothing planned at the moment.

You are famous for your all or nothing approach when it comes to skateboarding. What drives you to fucking shred to the fullest, even on a little demo in some shitty skatepark?

I love skating and it shows.

The Hockey stick incident is wildly discussed via internet and we all know what happend, but one Question that I couldn`t figure out.
Who got the stick? Your daughter or the drunk fuck?

It is? That is sad. People need to get lives. What you’re asking me is not important and not something I feel like discussing on the internet or elsewhere.

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Well, but we thank: The Chrome Ball Incident for the scans and Mike V. to answer this in 10 mins. The man is always down for a good and extended e-mail natter.

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