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Questions for the Notorious Clown

While we have been going through all the FB stuff we stumbled across the name we have been missing for years in skateboarding. So we wrote up this truly legendary icon to see what would happen. Some two days later this e-mail interview was done. 

We are really stoked on the kindness and honesty he put into his answers.

Who is it ?
Simon Woodstock

Who is Simon Woodstock (age, roots, current place of resistance)?

I am almost 42 years old. I was born and raised in Campbell, California (near San Jose). currently reside back in San Jose.

When did you start skating?

I think I was like 6 or 7 years old.

What was your 1st real board set up?

Powell Peralta Ray "Bones" Rodriguez with Tracker 6 Tracks and Bones Cubic wheels.

What was the 1st video that really stoked you and what are your 3 all time favorite vids and why?

Actually, it was a very old movie called "Skateboard Madness" that was very old school late 70s skating that really stoked me out when I was a very young kid. Then it was the Bones Brigade Video Show. That was probably the first well made skate video that came out during my grom era. I used to watch a lot of those old NSA competition videos which were cool. Those all got me into watching a lot of skating on video.

I would say some of the later videos were the ones that got me super stoked. If I had to pick 3

1. The Search for Animal Chin. They did a special in theater release in my area and it was sooo good. I just remember tripping hard on the whole mega animal chin vert ramp. No one had done anything like that before. The quadruple runs that they took on the ramp were insane.

2. Blind "Video Days". I remember watching it and the skating was so advanced. I recently watched Gonz' part again a few times and I realized that back when I saw it for the first time I didn't even understand the technical difficulty of what he was doing. Lots of switch stance before anyone was doing it. First darkside slide I ever saw. Amazing!

3. Probably the first Plan B video. Pat Duffy was doing things on handrails that were inconceivable at the time.

Who was Your 1st sponsor?

Technically, my parents were my first sponsors as we owned a family skate shop called Winchester Skate Shop (1986-90). My first free deck that I got outside of the skate shop was given to me by Allen Losi. But, my first factory sponsors were Thunder Trucks and Spitfire Wheels. The first ad I ever had in a magazine was a Spitfire Wheels ad.

You were riding for Black Label back then, why did you jump ships and boarded Sonic Skateboards?

Well, that's a bit of a long story. I was supposed to turn pro for Black Label but Lucero changed his mind at the last minute for some reason. I rode for two other smaller companies before I was on Sonic.

When did You turn pro and for which company?

Ha, right after I left Black Label I turned pro for a very short lived company called Koklieb in 1992. It was a local company out of the San Jose Skatepark with me and JJ Rogers as the pros. The company never really went anywhere but it was a fun time. I basically had all access to the skatepark which was very helpful in the development of my skill set. I then rode for a company called New School for a while and then Sonic.

The SJ posse like Jason Adams, Salman Agah, Tim Brauch (deeply missed), Ed Devera etc. had a super reputation back in the days and all were on rock solid sponsors, did it help to be tight with those guys. 

The whole San Jose scene was amazing! It still is with the Enjoi guys and stuff. Hanging and skating with those guys was always rad. We pushed each other to be better riders and we always seemed to be having fun doing whatevs.
Simon Woodstock: "I submitted this photo to Vans for an ad in 1996 because a similar ad got a great response for CCS mailorder. The Vans ad department didn't like it due to "low skill level" or something like that. They may have had a point, but I tried to explain to them that having my hair and pants match my ltd edition colorway signature Vans was the focal point of the shot. Nevertheless, the photo never ran as an ad. They did use it for this trading card, but cropped about 8 inches off the height of the flatbar thus lowering the "skill level" of the shot even further. I LOVED riding for Vans, but often the communication between core and corporate was rather difficult."

What was the 1st contest you entered and how was it to rip there?

The first pro contest I entered was in 1992 at a skatepark called Transitions in Southern California. It was cool because I got 6th place and Lucero congratulated me. I think he had doubts about my skill level that were part of the reason he didn't turn me pro so it was cool to be able to have validation by doing good in my first contest.
Sonic ad- Bs Kickflip in the old Powell Skatezone

Is skating still fun when you make a living out of it, event hough it always looked like you had tons of fun?

Yeah, it is really fun getting to travel everywhere and skate. Because I had a lot of creative freedom with my advertisements it was always pretty fun. It can be a drag when you get to the point where you only skate to film or shoot photos but even then it is lame to complain. I can't think of a better job or whatever you would call being a pro skater. It was one of the greatest times of my life.

BTW fun. Please write down what are your memories about following boards  and how did you come up with the idea for each? Which one was the hardest to ride and which the funnest?
Formula One ad

I really liked that set up. I just had the idea that if you put trucks and wheels on both sides of your board you could do 1 1/2 kickflips and 360 1 1/2 flips and so forth. It just happened to work so I took it around to some contests and did some filming with it. In fact, my first Sonic ad was on that board. I think I used to call it "double trouble"


That came out of just being board working at a boardshop called Go-Skate up in Sacramento. We had a bunch of skimboards for sale in the shop and I just set one up with trucks and wheels and took it to the Sacramento skatepark. Everyone tripped out on it and I was actually surprised that I could do tricks on it.  

Various screen grabs of the Skim Board footage. Must be out of 411# fuck knows!!!

Bowling board:

I was riding for Airwalk at the time and they made a "Bowling shoe" that was a skate shoe styled after the shoes you rent at bowling lanes. .The concept of the bowling ball board was for an ad for those shoes. I drilled the trucks and wheels right into the bowling ball, found a set of pins, and shot the ad with Lance Dalgart. I busted it out at a Vancouver Canada pro contest too. pretty fun!

The Bowling Board- Airwalk ad.

Carpet board:

A kid had one at a demo once and I borrowed it and took off my shoes and started riding it. I was able to do barefoot tre flips and such so the kid just gave it to me. I made a new one and rode it in a pro contest at the Powell skate zone in 1994. I got 9th place on it.

Bullseye board:

Big Brother Magazine was having an advertisement contest so that was just a concept board specifically for the photo shoot for the ad we submitted from Sonic. It wasn't very functional for every day riding. The ad got second place in the contest.

Double nosed board noseslide and the Bullseye board oliie to fakie at Derby

Fish tank board:

Photographer, Mike Ballard, suggested that we try to do something that might be a guarantee for a Big Brother cover so I came up with the idea. I put trucks and wheels under the tank and water and live fish in it. It was the only cover of a magazine that I ever got. Dan Cates from England just recreated the board for a Sidewalk Magazine cover.

Big Brother Magazin Cover- The Fishtank ride

Just screwing around with that one. It wasn't that fun to ride, actually. I learned how to kickflip on it but it was kind of useless beyond that.

Spring Board Indy

Together with the unique boards came the outfits. Looking back wich costume was the funnest which one was the most ridiculous one?

I would have to say that the stuffed animal suit was both! I sewed about 250 stuffed animals to a pair of coveralls and it would get people stoked and laughing wherever I wore it. I would wear it to trade shows and stuff. It wasn't my favorite one, though. The penny suit was my favorite.

You have been to the World Cup in Münster Germany in 1995. I remember that you had everyday a new hair colour. Like one day red then blue and then green. Pretty vicious thing to do, to your hair.
How did you like europe back then and what were your impressions on skating here and the what you like and dislike?

Europe was always cool. Munster and North Hampton (England) were always my favorites. I can't remember anything bad about about them. The fans there always seemed pumped and the vibes were cool.

To which countries has skating brought you?

All throughout Europe, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Japan, Venezuela, and probably some that I have forgotten.

Craziest tour story please (Don`t hold back on this one)

Ha, okay... I had to think for a minute. I was with the Sonic guys traveling on the bullet train out of England and I had fallen asleep. We got to our stop and the guys on the team thought it would be funny if they didn't wake me up. When they were off the train they all started yelling my name and I woke up. But, my legs had fallen asleep so I had to crawl on my hands and knees with my bags and stuff to get off the train before it pulled away again. I literally fell down the steps of the train onto the train station floor. Everyone had a good laugh that day at my expense. I think it was on the same trip that we were on another train into Portugal and the whole mountain surrounding the train was on fire. The train car began to heat up really hot and we all thought we might die. That was pretty crazy now that I think of it.

What was anarchy eyewear???

It was a division of some larger mainstream sunglass company trying to break into the core market. They offered me a signature sunglass and a good paycheck so I went for it. I didn't have a whole lot of creative control with the ads so they aren't my favorite. It was cool, though. Free shades and free money basically.
Anarchy eyewear ad

How did you start Woodstock Skateboards and how was the company doing, due to the fact that you were really prominent those days?

I dunno, this was all towards the end of my career. I started doing wheels with Metiver and then he made me a good financial offer to licence my name to do decks. I probably should have just stayed with Sonic. But, Metiver treated me fair so it is not a big regret or anything. I never knew how well the boards did because I never saw the numbers but I saw them in a lot of shops so they must have done pretty good.

The company was together with Rich Metivier. Who was on the team besides you and which woodshop, distribution you guys used?

I think Rich had his own distribution. I want to say that the boards were made at Watson Laminates but I don't really remember. There were no team riders besides myself on the deck company.


How Woodstock Skateboards ended?

After we got sued by Rocco I was just starting to get over the whole skate scene in general. I had a lot of injuries and was burned out. Shortly after the lawsuit Rich and I had a mutual agreement to disband my company.

Woodstock skateboards ad, that led to the lawsuit.

Is it really true that you had to step away from the skateindustry, otherwise you would have to pay a fine of $100,000? Is that really the truth?

That is the way Rocco explains it in his documentary but we actually did get sued and had to pay $50,000 dollars and we just coincidentally both got out of the industry shortly afterwards. I think Rocco just remembers it wrong or maybe said that to keep people from attacking his brands or something. I don't mind that version of the story. If people think that Rocco ran me out of the skateboard industry that is a more exciting story than me just fading off the scene.

When you think about the Powell Peralta and Blind “graphic wars”, can you understand Steve Roccos reaction towards Woodstock Skateboards? There were even rumors that he liked the ad and he would have run a similair one.

Yeah, in our settlement meeting he was cool. He just explained that he had worked hard to establish the World Industries brand and wanted to send a message to people not to mess with it. I understood. George Powell probably should have sued Rocco for doing the same thing before.

What would you do if you would meet him (Rocco) in a supermarket?

I'd say hello. See if he wanted to talk briefly. I have no beef with Rocco. I never did. Attacking his brand was just a publicity stunt that backfired. 

What have you been doing after Woodstock Skateboards? The moment that ended you kind of vanished.

 I was living in Huntington Beach towards the end and had signed all of these contract deals throughout the years but I was kind of done with skating at the pro level. I moved back to San Jose and just sort of hid out for a while. I lifted weights in my backyard and got a tan. After a while my sponsors were calling me wondering why I was in hiding and I just told them all in one week that I was done. We dissolved the contracts and I was free to go. That was it. It was in late 1999. I became a Christian shortly after and went to Bible College. The details of how all that went down are in this article that I recently wrote 

What are you up to nowadays and what are your plans for  2012?

I lead a very chill lifestyle now-a-days and I like that. I take care of my Mom full time and I do the Church thing and I am involved in ministry. I have a missions trip to Ethiopia that I am scheduled to go on with Christian Skaters International Ministry, working amongst the thousands of homeless teens there giving them Bibles and boards. I have some speaking engagements at Christian conferences and so forth. Basically, just staying out of trouble.

Are you still skating and into inventing new boards?

Yeah, I just started skating again last year. Having a great time sessioning with friends and hitting local curbs, banks, and skateparks. My friends are building a mini-ramp and we plan to session that all spring and summer. As far as special boards, not so much any more. I don't have the resources or the the designated time to spend on then that I did when I was a pro. But, we'll see.

Do you collect Skateboards?

I'm so ,old now that I collect dust. That's about it.

At the end of the day are there some things you would do differently now?

Well, the standard stuff. I would have tried to keep the partying under control. It would have been nice to have become a Christian sooner and avoided the party scene altogether. But, really, I pretty much accomplished more than I originally set out to do so it is cool to have been a part of it all and to look back on.

What do you think of  the Skateboarding scene 2012? Mega sponsor deals, big money from Nike, Mountain Dew, etc compared to the 90`s?

It is what it is. There are always corporations trying to break in to it. The thing with skateboarding is that it goes through long fazes where big companies can make money off of it. For me, I would just have to be honest... if Nike called me right now and offered me a million dollars to wear their shoes when I skate... well.. what do you think I would do? What would you do?

Are you still in touch with the mates from back in the days?

Yeah, actually a lot of them. Everybody and thier brother are on Facebook these days. I go to NC Boardshop in Los Gatos every couple of months just to see who's still peculating. 

A lot of people think that  Simon Woodstock was the Skateboarding- Clown. Do you wish they would remeber you aswell as the talented shredder that you have been. We still dig the mini ramp sequence of ya, where you did a bs kickflip lipslide down the extension to to rock to fakie into the ramp. That is still nuts!

Thanks! I don't really mind how people perceive me or my skating history. The reality is that it is flattering that people still remember me at all. All of that stuff pretty much went down over 15 years ago. I like to hear it when anything that I did stoked people out or had some kind of positive affect on them.

fs 5-O with the clown suit

Can you consider a comeback as a skater or in the skate bizz?

Well, I'm actually in the process of getting some skating back and have a deal with Reliance Skateboards (Brian Sumner) to do a re-issue of one of my old boards. I would like for that to turn into something more if the Lord wills. I'm going to try to enter a mini ramp competition in at the Whosoevers  conference in April. Small steps... see what happens.

F.F.L. zine has a campaign: The search for Aaron Deeter. Do you have any information of his where about?

Actually the photo and name look familiar. But, I have no idea where he is. It is funny you have that search going. I would always wonder if, while I was completely off the radar, if some crew searching for me would ever show up on my front door.

Thank You very much for your time and effort.

Lord bless. Peace!!

Thanks again to Simon WoodstocK to be the person he is: Super fun!!!!!

Cheers to: The Chromeball Incident and Skately for the pictures.


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Video History Lesson

OK, this one here is dedicated to all the new kids and all the 90's fanatics (us included). This instalment is all about fantastic videos from the past which left us speechless when we first saw `em back in the day. For the little fellas among you people who'll read this shit, this is your history lesson. So read, learn, and pass the test.
All the old school heads can relax while mumbling something like: “Ahh those were the days when we were young.” Feel young again my friends, grab a drink, and join this little ride down memory lane.

1st Lesson: “Video Days”- Blind Skateboards 1991

It's the year of 1991, I'm 17 yrs old and America and some other
nations are bombing the fuck out of Iraq for the 1st time.
At the same time, the Skateboard world is witnessing the “Graphic Wars”, between Powell&Peralta and World Industries, Blind etc.
Powell&Peralta 1st strike in the "Graphic Wars"

Blind counter attacks

Boards are around 9 - 9.5” wide and have a proper Kicknose and heroes are not the mighty vert guys anymore. Vert's time is gone and taken over by the new generation of street skaters. It is now a time of increasing and accelerating progress and innovation in skateboarding.
In my personal little Skateworld, the postman was ringing my doorbell. The package I received is my order for some mysterious “Blind” video that I ordered a week ago via phone (Yupp, no internet!!). The VHS Tape, (yes right my young friends- no DVD or blu-ray), is stuffed immediately into our VCR, the play button pushed, and “Video Days” started....

The boys are driving around in a real smashed up American cruiser – its the first time you see these legends in motion. The only thing I knew to date of Gonz and Jason Lee was what they looked like in pictures performing their mind blowing tricks. 3 years earlier I had seen “Savannah Slamma” , where Gonz had a bit of contest footage doing some weird stuff in his comp run.... and now I am about to see what he, and Jason Lee, have been busy filming for. My excitement is reaching another level.
“Lowrider” is pumping out of the speakers and the 1st trick is Guy Mariano with a handrail ollie noseslide in LA. Damn, the rail is almost as high as he is tall.
Next up: Gonz, ollieing down 11 steps and then full body sliding/slamming down a 2nd 11 steps of a doubleset. Even the head contact with the ground doesn't effect his afro mob. Impressive!!! (and this is one of only 2 slams in the whole vid)
Gonz pays the price
Rudy Johnson is now boardsliding into a bs 5-O grind on a block. How in the fuck did he navigate his back truck into that position?
OMG, Jason Lee!!!!!!!!! Heartbeat increases- then a high speed 360° flip over a sandgap. Perfect landing with a smooooth style! My brain is about to split already.
Jordan Richter is now rolling into the picture. Nollie shuffle to fakie on a vert ramp- without any grab???!!!! Oh boy!
Intro is done after just 1:05.

1st Part- Guy Mariano: 

He is 13 yrs old and his board looks gigantic, cause he is still so so small. Usually I hate little kids style, but Guy rips with a big style through his section. After the 1st line where he does: Fs 360 ollie out of a hip, bigspin and switch boardslide down a ledge- I'm now jealous as fuck about his skills. Funny thing is that the term switch wasn't even invented. We used to call it fakie something or opposite footed. Too far ahead for us to handle.
Jesus the board looks huge! His ability to perform impossible lipslides with this longboard he's riding is truely shocking. Hold on a minute, isn't he skating for “Blind”? Why on earth is he wearing a “Powell&Peralta” shirt? Well that's before the days where you would have been fired from the team for doing that. So totally fine and I was stoked anyway and didn't give a fuck as long it was a skate shirt or something similar cool printed on a piece of cotton. More about shirts and fashion later.
Back to little Mariano. At the point of the section where he does the impossible lipslide on the gold rail I started to like the “Jackson Five”

Guy Mariano, handrail boardslide, downtown LA
You thought switch fs 360 ollies are something brand new? No, they aren't! Fuck, little one was doing them some 21 years ago. Proof is at 2:24. Same goes for the mighty manual kickflip out. Christ, he's got talent. Last line of his part is a fs ollie on those mega steep and rough ass banks in downtown LA, followed by an ollie boardslide to “Blabblabblabaa” My innocent mind was shocked that a little kid, 4 years younger than me, is doing tricks I can't even fucking name. “Powell&Peralta” must have been mental to let him go and join this unknown company. What a talent. From this moment on Guy Mariano was another member of my Skateboarding Allstar team.

2nd part- Jordan Richter:

Never heard of him.... but he's on blind so he must be good. 
Part starts off with some weird feeble revert on a mini ramp. Fuck, I don't get that move at all. Jordan then transfers his body and board with ease and style from one mini ramp to another. “I would love to have ramps like these!” Some street footage now filmed in your average parking lot, which then leads into the main section of his part - The big evil wood ramp with its good portion of vert. Alleyoop bs nosegrind on a vert ramp is truly fucked, even for nowadays it still stands out. Sick trick!!!! Nollie tailgrab to fakie, why have I never heard of him. Ahh yeah times are changing and vert is at the beginning of its death, but man Jordan Richter is rad. Alleyoop fs ollie reverts, manual on the platform to 180 back into this 15 foot vert monster fakie takes some serious skills and bravery too. His last trick is a nollie shuffle to fakie. Mindblowing, the board stuck to his feet just like that and he didn't ollie. Damn, 
I just learned how to do nollies on the flat and this guy is doing them 4 feet out of a fucking halfpipe. Bummer!!!!

3rd part- Mark Gonzales: 

Ahhh, another hero is going to appear on my telly now.
Part starts with some jazz tune, and the first thing that comes to mind is: Man he is old!!! Even though he was only 23 or 24 when the video was filmed. Anyway, he comes through with a unique style and lightly flows through the streets. 

Gonz, ollie bs grab
Gonz, ollie fs tailslide

Some never before seen sick stuff is now going on: Fs 180 to fakie 50-50 on a handrail, 1st time Wallenberg ollie, caveman darkslide on a handrail, bench combos that Daewon will make popular 7 years later, fs ollie over the Meanwhile2 channel, a high speed double kickflip, sw 180 ollie to 50-50 on a bench, noseslide on a 10 stair handrail, sw fs 180 down the EMB 7, an up to date gnarly double set kinked handrail boardslide, and and and…. Too fucking much to take in.
Looking back over 20 yrs later, this part is still so sick!!!!! and to date, I would say that this is Gonz's best ever part. Filmed in no time at all and with an effortless approach to the whole thing, this makes it a true masterpiece.

4th part- Rudy Johnson: 

Well now I've seen this guy before - he was one of the LA young bunch in “Public Domain”. My little shit mind wasn't too impressed with that video at all.
Part starts off with a line containing: Nose manual over flower pot, massive one foot ollie out a curb cut, ollie up 4 stairs, fs boardslide to shove-it out on a handrail. Fuck, now I'm impressed!!!
Rudy Johnson, fs 180 ollie, subway entrance, downtown LA

At one point after he's been ollieing over subway entrances, and the like, he does this manual to 360 flip out.... which made me flip out! Unbelievable!!! It's early 1991 and this video must have been filmed in late 1990. These boys are on a seriously different level and mission. Kickflip nose manual, kickflip bs lipslide, and a caballerial to bs tailslide prove that they are indeed way beyond anything we little shits know. Ender is a fs one foot to lipslide on a handrail. 

5th part- Jason Lee:

The end part is reserved for the guy who's ads and pictures are hanging all over my walls. If the skating is halfway as sick in motion as it is in the pics, I'll be having a heart attack soon.
Starts off with some !!!VERT!!! skating. This is unexpected to see him doing a blunt 180, a bs nosegrind, and some high as fuck airs in a full size halfpipe. 
Jason Lee, 360 flip, somewhere I don`t know
Streetwise he then busts a 180 bs kickflip over a bench, kickflip bs tailslide (with ease), kickflip bs 50-50 on a waist high ledge, kickflip manual kickflip out, a bs 180 kickflips up 3 stairs in a line, kickflip bs 5-O`s, and my ultimate favourite, (which is still up to date), is this......
The spot: a Triple set of stairs.
Trick: Fs 360 ollie down the 1st set, followed by 360 flip down the 2nd and ending with a bs flip down the 3rd set.
Finally, a long ass feeble grind ends his mission in this video.

After 19 and a half minutes, I'm left in shock.

The Outro:

Jason Lee sings a happy song, America goes to war, and the boys pull over at the next liquor store and prepare to get  smashed. 
Guy, drinking and driving

 The ride in the beaten up lowrider continues to a cliff where they drive off and pass away.
The Blind Team on the road to nowhere

You now see the only “Video Days” slo-mo footage in the credits, where all five are represented with their year of birth and death.
Hold on – looks like Rudy Johnson seems to have survived. Call the number on screen and see how he's doing.

This video set the standard and laid the foundations for street skating over the years to come.

Fashion they rocked

·       Army pants, and “Ghetto Wear” stuff
·       Either “Airwalks”, “Vans” Caballeros (The Half Cab wasn`t on the market yet) or Skate
·       Strange non skate shirts with dollar signs, Israel flags, or hippie designs
·       Skate shirts from skate companies other than Blind
·       Striped shirts in every colour
·       Boards with no rails and graphics

“Video Days”- The Soundtrack
1.  Intro: War - Low Rider
2.  Guy Mariano: Jackson 5 - I Want You Back
3.  Jordan Richter: Black Flag - My War
4.  Mark Gonzales: John Coltrane - Traneing In
5.  Rudy Johnson: Dinosaur Jr. - Just Like Heaven
6.  Jason Lee #1: Milk - The Knife Song
7.  Jason Lee #2: Hüsker Dü - Real World
8.  Outro: Jason Lee - There's A War Outside Your Window
9.  The End: Ry Cooder - Cancion Mixteca

Back to the beginning: The whole year was one big street session with my mates to see if we were able to pull the stuff from “Video Days”. Well, the success was limited to our skills but it was mad fun and this video was played countless times to get hyped before a session. 

The Gulf War was kind of won by America and their Allies, and the sequel would come up in a little more than 10 years.

The winner of the “Graphic Wars” was Steve Rocco with his World Industries, Blind and 101 squad.

My mates and I went to the Münster Monster Mastership that summer and met Rudy Johnson and Mark Gonzales. That was really trippy to see them skate in person. They were super consistent and rocking some of the craziest shit we have ever seen done on the wooden thing.
1991 was a dope year for skateboarding and for us.

If you don't know “Video Days” or you haven't watched it in years, have a look here!!!! 
And now leave the fucking class!!!!

FOG from F.F.L. zine

Thanks to:

John Cattle for all the effort and support 

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More boards from the crypt

Yes indeed.... 
...when you dig for something, then you`ll might find some buried treasures. When Rockstar managed to find his old boards and pics, I was thinking to myself: Hold on a minute, there must be some pics left from the old days. Et voila- Found `em. A quick scan session with a bit of cut and paste and the left overs are ready to get posted. Real trip down memory lane. 

Toxic Skateboards- Dave Grabb "King Grab" 1989
This was my 3rd board ever and it was so unbelivable shit. Fuck knows what I was thinking when I bought it. The tail was mega steep. You almost twisted your ankle standing on it. Extra gimmick was an original signature of Dave himself. Came to the shop like this- I think that was soon before the lights went out at "Toxic Skateboards" and they tried to push the sales a bit with signed boards. The trcks are red Indys I painted with white dots and the wheels must be some colour matching Powell&Peralta 60 mm Street Rats. What a set up!!! Wish I would have kept all those Stickers instead of wasting them on this piece of junk. Ahh, the ribgrib was still a thing of use. Almost forgot about this item. As far as I remember, the tail broke within 3 weeks. 

World Industries- Mike V. "Ramp- Elephant" 1990
After the Dave Grabb went to skateboard heaven, I got this Mike V. Actually I wished for the street model, but there was no way to get one- SOLD OUT!!!! So I was more than happy to get my hands on the ramp model. 
The graphic is partily scratched off. That was another trend back then. Either you scratched off the whole graphic to ride a blank or you just had like parts off the art remainig. The backround of the pic shows part of my 1st deck- Rob Roskopp and the 2nd one- Corey O`Brien both Santa Cruz. The mighty "Toxic" Tail Power woodstick is ther aswell. Trucks were silver Indys and the wheels were some black Rat Bones. Honorable mentions are the colour matching rails and cellblock.
World Industries- Jeremy Klein "Veggies" 1990
This board was amazing. Dope graphic, proper shape, and it was a mighty World Industries street board. I think I learned noseslides with this one. Anyway my memories are just positive when I think of it.

New Deal- Danny Sargent "Iron Maiden Ape" 1990

When the New Deal vid "Useless Wooden Toys" hit the shops, it was more than predictable, what my new set up would be. This deck was a super good one too. Learned all the shove its and bigspins with it. 
As a footnote: This is the 1st set up with white wheels. Never, even until today I have ridden coloured wheels again. That is around the time, when we started to skip the riser pads. The rails would follow soon.

The follow up to the famous "Barnyard" model. What a board- we were so stoked on the shape and this massive nose. The deck issued with the newest in skate technology: SLICK. World called it "Slick O Rama". It was a layer of plastic on the bottom of the board and promised to slide everywhere. Indeed it slid pretty well, not on everything but you didn`t had to worry about mounting rails to the deck anymore. The only thing which was an absolute downturn was the fact, that the slick stuff made your board super soft., but the shape was a killer. So fuck it and ride a soft board.

Blind- Jason Lee "Burger King rip off" 1991
Before we get to the J. Lee, I had to include a pic of the Mike V. after it saw some action. The board was soft like bubble gum. Check the tail and the mid section, the slick layer is just fucking gone. World was famous for top quality in those days. Hahaha, but we were crazy for the stuff and made Rocco a rich man.
This leads us to my next board I got, the Jason Lee "Burger King rip off". This board also featured the mighty slick layer and was one of the 1st graphics to rip off a corporation. Do some internet research or read Sean Clivers Graphic bible to see the the Cease and desist letter from Burger King Enterprises regarding to this board. The Whopper dudes been more then pissed off
The board was super fun to ride, so I even prove it with an action pic. One thing I remember too was that the nose was 7.5" long. Fucking massive!!!
ollie bs grab  1991.

If we find more stuff in some dusty boxes, it`ll get posted.
See ya later- FOG