Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

Area 51 1/2

Area 51 1/2

Area 51 1/2 is  F.F.L's private fun center . Fuck the berricks! 

This baby has been build from two of our crew, in evenings and nights after work and away from the families. 
the beginning

now it will get tricky to do the ledges

more construction- fucking puzzle work

half way through

getting there
starting to look fun

almost there

no coping yet

no coping yet

And finally the work was done. Time for some fun!!!

Overview left

Overview right
5-O all the way through. Feels good!!!
Fs tailslide
Get out there occupy a cellar and build your own amusement center. 

More Area 51 1/5 news will follow.

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