Samstag, 4. Februar 2012

Boards from the crypt

When you are digging for something, then....

.... you might find some buried treasures. Last summer our long time crewmember Rockstar digges through some old boxes at his parents. Suprise, suprise, not only that he found his very first wooden treasure, he also recovered some old pics from ca. 1990 until 1994, of some more woodsticks he used to abuse for his tricks.
Here is the little collection of stuff from the past, that made it through the decades:

Santa Cruz- Jeff Grosso "Coca Cola graphic" 1988. The very 1st shred

Powell & Peralta- Mike V. "Elephant model" 1988.

World Industries- Mike V. "The Barnyard model" 1989 Check the classy ads in the backround
Blind- Rudy Johnson "Per Welinder Knock Off graphic" 1991
Blind- Mark Gonzales "??? model" 1991
101- Adam Mc Natt "Charlie Manson & The Peanuts" 1993
Blind- Henry Sanchez "Alone in the woods" 1992 The wheels are brandnew- check the size!
Plan B- Matt Hensley "Eagle" 1991
New Deal- Jordan Richter "Monster" 1993
Stereo- Jason Lee "Guitar Model" ca. 1995
Stereo- Carl Shipman "Sherwood Peak" ca. 1995
Girl- Rick Howard "The Razcals" ca. 1994

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