Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2012

Why we love to do this shit.....

"Inside Out"- Gullwing Trucks ca.1987

Our journey to the long time gone 80`s continues with part 3 of the Gullwing video. The boys are shredding never before seen ditches and really fucked up pools at their best. The ollie boardslides and ollies up picknick tables were a mind fuck back in the days. The music pushed it into real psycodelic speares. What a trip!!!!

Part 3/4 of some no HD shit!!!!

The shredders in this vid are: Art Godoy, Ken Park, Bill Toco, Buck Smith, Chris Miller, Danny Webster, Dave Grabb, Eric Jueden, Jason Jessee, Ben Schroeder, John Schultes, Lee Ralph, Mark Lake, Mark "Gator" Rogowski, Ron Allen, Steve Schneer, Todd Swank, Tom Koesel, Tony Magnusson

Part  4 will be up soon. Promise!!!!

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