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More boards from the crypt

Yes indeed.... 
...when you dig for something, then you`ll might find some buried treasures. When Rockstar managed to find his old boards and pics, I was thinking to myself: Hold on a minute, there must be some pics left from the old days. Et voila- Found `em. A quick scan session with a bit of cut and paste and the left overs are ready to get posted. Real trip down memory lane. 

Toxic Skateboards- Dave Grabb "King Grab" 1989
This was my 3rd board ever and it was so unbelivable shit. Fuck knows what I was thinking when I bought it. The tail was mega steep. You almost twisted your ankle standing on it. Extra gimmick was an original signature of Dave himself. Came to the shop like this- I think that was soon before the lights went out at "Toxic Skateboards" and they tried to push the sales a bit with signed boards. The trcks are red Indys I painted with white dots and the wheels must be some colour matching Powell&Peralta 60 mm Street Rats. What a set up!!! Wish I would have kept all those Stickers instead of wasting them on this piece of junk. Ahh, the ribgrib was still a thing of use. Almost forgot about this item. As far as I remember, the tail broke within 3 weeks. 

World Industries- Mike V. "Ramp- Elephant" 1990
After the Dave Grabb went to skateboard heaven, I got this Mike V. Actually I wished for the street model, but there was no way to get one- SOLD OUT!!!! So I was more than happy to get my hands on the ramp model. 
The graphic is partily scratched off. That was another trend back then. Either you scratched off the whole graphic to ride a blank or you just had like parts off the art remainig. The backround of the pic shows part of my 1st deck- Rob Roskopp and the 2nd one- Corey O`Brien both Santa Cruz. The mighty "Toxic" Tail Power woodstick is ther aswell. Trucks were silver Indys and the wheels were some black Rat Bones. Honorable mentions are the colour matching rails and cellblock.
World Industries- Jeremy Klein "Veggies" 1990
This board was amazing. Dope graphic, proper shape, and it was a mighty World Industries street board. I think I learned noseslides with this one. Anyway my memories are just positive when I think of it.

New Deal- Danny Sargent "Iron Maiden Ape" 1990

When the New Deal vid "Useless Wooden Toys" hit the shops, it was more than predictable, what my new set up would be. This deck was a super good one too. Learned all the shove its and bigspins with it. 
As a footnote: This is the 1st set up with white wheels. Never, even until today I have ridden coloured wheels again. That is around the time, when we started to skip the riser pads. The rails would follow soon.

The follow up to the famous "Barnyard" model. What a board- we were so stoked on the shape and this massive nose. The deck issued with the newest in skate technology: SLICK. World called it "Slick O Rama". It was a layer of plastic on the bottom of the board and promised to slide everywhere. Indeed it slid pretty well, not on everything but you didn`t had to worry about mounting rails to the deck anymore. The only thing which was an absolute downturn was the fact, that the slick stuff made your board super soft., but the shape was a killer. So fuck it and ride a soft board.

Blind- Jason Lee "Burger King rip off" 1991
Before we get to the J. Lee, I had to include a pic of the Mike V. after it saw some action. The board was soft like bubble gum. Check the tail and the mid section, the slick layer is just fucking gone. World was famous for top quality in those days. Hahaha, but we were crazy for the stuff and made Rocco a rich man.
This leads us to my next board I got, the Jason Lee "Burger King rip off". This board also featured the mighty slick layer and was one of the 1st graphics to rip off a corporation. Do some internet research or read Sean Clivers Graphic bible to see the the Cease and desist letter from Burger King Enterprises regarding to this board. The Whopper dudes been more then pissed off
The board was super fun to ride, so I even prove it with an action pic. One thing I remember too was that the nose was 7.5" long. Fucking massive!!!
ollie bs grab  1991.

If we find more stuff in some dusty boxes, it`ll get posted.
See ya later- FOG

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  1. any chance you are wiling to part with the jason lee burger king board?