Freitag, 10. Februar 2012

Why we love to do this shit.....

"Inside Out"- Gullwing Trucks ca.1987 

The 80`s saga comes to an end with this part. Included is a fullpipe session and some exclusive footage of "Kona" skatepark, which was a real concrete treasure, but is long time gone. A young Ron Allen ollies across some railraod tracks and that was some different level shit back in those days. Todd Swank almost gets ripped in the "Swank" Bar. A lot to explore if you are nerdy enough to use the timemachine.
Give the thing a shot and you`ll notice a couple things that are up to date nowadays again, like: Tight trousers, pool skating, concrete, boneless tricks, wallrides, flat caps, vulcanized soles, leather jackets, psycedellic music etc etc....
It`s all coming back.... sooner or later!
Part 4/4 of some no HD shit!!!!

The shredders in this vid are: Art Godoy, Ken Park, Bill Toco, Buck Smith, Chris Miller, Danny Webster, Dave Grabb, Eric Jueden, Jason Jessee, Ben Schroeder, John Schultes, Lee Ralph, Mark Lake, Mark "Gator" Rogowski, Ron Allen, Steve Schneer, Todd Swank, Tom Koesel, Tony Magnusson

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