Montag, 30. Januar 2012

F.F.L. zine back in the days.......

The shit starts again

What to say?! Different format now- we reckon. After doing this stuff on FB for a while, we decided to move on to a blogspot format, due to the upcoming changes on FB. 
This little crappy zine starts with exactly the 1st content that we dropped almost 13 years ago (but back then it was on a magic substance called paper).

Enjoy the scans of our paper, scissor and gluefilled skateboard dreams (language back then german). Haha 1999 was a good year back then- No hassle with digital shit, just cutting out stuff from the newspapers was annoying like fuck, but some beers shared with the mates, could turn that into a fun session.

Shouts out to all the heads from back then. HOL town ruled!!! You guys know what we mean.

The Cover (You might have seen it before?!)

Some introducing words of wisdom
Local hip hop jam coverage

Finally some skateboarding!
A step by step guide to get hammered and definitely NOT laid.

Report about a contest back in 2000 and the adventures off the board.

Contest pictures

A report about how fucked up the local metal scene used to be. One of the few pages where one of our crew was so advanced and rich, that he could efford a PC and was able to use it.

A little loveletter from F.F.L. crewmember towards one of the publishers of "Limited Skateboard Magazin"
but time flies and the things settled after 13 years. Hahaha still a good one.

Bails and shit pics  part 1

Bails and shit pics part2 (we had to fill the pages)

Who buys a "Cosmopolitan", when you can get high fashion with these TOPMODELS in a zine for nothing???  The shooting for the pics was fun next to a stinky rubbish bin, but the smell was killing it.

Some add for a fashion label wich never saw even one printed shirt, but nice example for early PC design methods.

Go to the next little shitty skatepark and write something about it

Memories of a gone loading dock spot. RIP
That thing was fun to skate.

It ends with hate, diss and no respect.

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